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Not everythin

Not everythin Further it and the kid is expected by sidelong glances on the street, at a playground, in the subway where she will hear something it seems Gave birth from alcoholics, and now torment itself and others.

Not everythin not all is given understanding of that any human life is that is given us from above and that demands not simply respect.

Great German humanist Albert Schweitzer wrote about a worship before life.

Where it, this worship Not simply disabled people, and deep compassion should cause pity and primary understanding of that all of us are equal before God.

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Probably, business

Probably, business Then it is a problem which needs to be solved.

Probably, business at all in the teacher or the friend, and that it is necessary for your child to develop will and selfrespect.

If the person is really inclined to influence the child negatively, it is necessary to try to overcome this attachment.

Substantially your work with the child psychic should be reduced helping it to make active congenital intuitive ability to feel that for it it is good, and that not so.

It is necessary to let for the kid know that it possesses free will and has possibility to regulate all the spiritual relationship.

As with age the child will face the skeptical relation and sneers from contemporaries, continue to be engaged with it gradually, but it is frequent.

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The blazed

The blazed The friendship principle, mutual respect justifies itself – and, can be, even more truly, even more reliably, than in a case with normal the child, though, of course, at children with a Down syndrome, inherent only them feature.

The situation stereotype to some extent causes also a stereotype behavior.

It both is good, and it is bad.

The child is adjusted on occupations.

The blazed road it goes to to table, to our sofa.

At a lesson children are accustomed to behave orderly, and from first minute it is visible the child, the boy came not simply or the girl – the pupil came.

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It is possible

It is possible Development of these zones allows the child to do the conclusions, to analyze seen, to compare the facts.

Only now the child has an opportunity to dream.

Everything that the child told before, was not thought up of.

Now, approximately in , years, the child can think out what did not meet in life.

This beginning of creative realization.

It is very important to support such inventions and to develop them in several directions.

It is possible to start to compose the fairy tale, history together with the child.

The child has an opportunity to think out various plots.

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Persevering In parallel with it threefouryear children learn to read and not do not lag behind in it the normal contemporaries, but, I even would tell, advance them.

I especially emphasize indivisibility and a process simultaneity mastering by the active dictionary with mastering spatial, temporary and other concepts, ability to abstraction and to oboshcheniye, with increase of level of representations from primitive to all more and more difficult.

Persevering attention to purity of a pronunciation it is given and further in process of mastering by the child developed speech designs.

Besides a statement of this technique in the book are included also recommendations which as I hope, will help parents with the decision some problems connected with correction of behavior of the child.

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